Mobile Banking

Mobile Banking is a key product in the digital strategy of banks worldwide. Perform all banking operations and deliver ultra-customisable communication, products and services directly to the user's device, anywhere and at any time. 

The Bank is always with the customer

This is a fundamental and indispensable channel in the new digital strategy of Banks, as it is one of the preferred means for banking operations and the one that guarantees the most relevant level of proximity to customers.

It significantly reduces operating costs while making it possible to offer ultra-personalised features and targeted communication, which reinforce brand and service loyalty, generating an immediate positive commercial result. 

This channel can be fully developed according to the needs of the business and user, or adapted from existing INM solutions, depending on the strategic plan of each organisation, adjusted to the stipulated investment and implementation time.


  • Adaptable: Compatible with all operating systems and devices
  • Intuitive: Solution with an interface designed for users and intuitive interaction
  • Secure: Secure solution available with multiple levels of authentication


  • Main banking operations: checking current accounts, deposits, transfers, payments, and the ability to manage bank cards, cheques, savings plans, investment fund portfolios, insurance and others
  • Secure transactions and communications with multiple levels of authentication
  • Multi-compatibility with all mobile phones and their platforms: Android, Android Tablet, iOS, iOS Tablet, Blackberry, SMS/USSD
  • Multiple options for distribution to customers: Over-The-Air SMS/Link, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, download through App Stores

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