SMS & USSD allows banking operations to be performed on all types of mobile devices, any model available on the market, and in all segments, mainly in emerging markets or those with ongoing digital inclusion.

Service for all mobile devices

Allows organisations to provide a channel that offers their clients a set of options for carrying out financial transactions on all types of devices, through standard platforms that are multi-compatible with any model on the market - including more basic equipment (using SMS/USSD protocols).

This solution provides mobile banking services to any customer segment, mainly for emerging markets or those with ongoing digital inclusion.


  • Secure: Encryption algorithm for secure activities
  • Inclusive: For all customer segments and equipment types
  • Accessible: Financial services without the need for internet access


  • Basic banking operations: checking current accounts and deposits, transfers, payments, bank card management, cheque management.
  • Service payment transactions through agreements with partners
  • Cash withdrawal through agreements with partners
  • Sending remittances

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