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The answer to a new financial reality

1 Banking Solutions

An Omnichannel offering that meets the expectations of today's organisations and clients, covering all channels and possible digital financial services in real time.

2 eWallet Solutions

The entire spectrum of mobile electronic transfers and payments, sending and receiving, purchasing goods and services, paying bills, public services, and making top-ups.

3 Payment Solutions

Various technologies that can be integrated with the core system of organisations and adapted to the characteristics of different sectors and implementation contexts.

4 Financial Management Solutions

Intelligent tools and functionalities for financial management and analysis which allow banks to improve how they manage and relate to their private and SME customer portfolio.

We design, digitize and transform financial business


We are the strategic partner for the research, development and implementation of financial software and hardware solutions, centered on user experience and focused on the rapid growth of our clients' business.

About Us

We innovate and co-create
 digital transformation

We help clients offer increasingly advanced services through business and user-centric innovation. Continuous collaboration, strong relationships with stakeholders and technological excellence are our bets.

Design, development and implementation
of digital channels

We implemented support and development solutions for all digital channels, with tailored technological solutions, which increased client satisfaction and positioned the banking institution as a leader in innovation.

Mobile tool to support real estate consultants

Thanks to the tool developed by Innovation Makers, the consultant can access client data from anywhere through their mobile phone and relate it to the company's offering. In this way they are able to make proposals targeted at the client's needs, bookings, and provide follow up in an agile manner.

Personal Banking for Android and iOS
operating system platforms

Implemented and integrated with the Institution's banking core, this tool allows clients to access their personal area through their mobile phone - currently one of the most important points of contact for the financial sector.