Drive for a cashless society

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A digital wallet for multiple purposes

INM eWallet Solution offers the full spectrum of transfers and e-payments, including sending and receiving funds, buying goods, paying bills, public or private services, and making top-ups.

Increase coverage  
to bring service to everyone

  • In emerging markets, financial services are beginning to be provided by simple solutions without technological barriers, guaranteeing service even in the most basic devices, empowering and attracting a large part of the population to the banking process.

Money circulation
through a partner operator

  • This is a pre-financed service, where the flow of electronic money is backed by physical money in the settlement account of a partner operator and can be transferred within the system in a secure and personalised manner, ensuring the reach and scalability of the business model of organisations and service providers. 



Highly secure that allows users to send and receive money directly via web or mobile, without the need to carry cash or cards.


Enables digital money transfers between two account holders, whether from agent to agent or user to user.

Payment and Trade

It allows users to pay their bills and make payments to merchants anywhere and anytime, through their virtual account.


A unique and relevant banking experience

In today's world, digital banking is no longer a nice-to-have, since the relationship and daily activities of organisations and clients are now perfectly integrated with the online world, and the banking sector is no exception.  

Customer Service, Mobile and Internet Banking platforms have become crucial channels of interaction and their absence can lead clients to look for other financial entities that meet their financial needs.

INM Banking Solutions offers a full range of Omnichannel services and products that meet the expectations of organisations and their clients, covering all channels and possible digital financial services in real time.  ​


Drive for a cashless society

The INM eWallet Solution offers the full spectrum of transfers and e-payments, including sending and receiving funds, buying goods, paying bills, public or private services, and making top-ups.

However, its implementation varies considerably, from apps that offer a digital version of a plastic card to others that offer closed loop payments or cash in/cash out mechanisms via agents representing the wallet operator.

In emerging markets, wallets empower people by providing financial services and solutions without major barriers, simple technology that ensures even the most basic devices are compliant, have brought much of the population on board.


Intelligent financial
and management

In a context of increasing automation, clients seek to obtain information from their bank, in an immediate and intelligent manner, about how they spend their money and how they can improve their spending habits, through daily activity management and intuitive graphical summaries. 

The same applies to companies, through insights that allow them to overcome their obstacles, confidently plan and manage their activities and gain a deep understanding of their business and clients.

The INM Financial Management Solution allows financial entities to offer their private clients and SMEs intelligent financial management and analysis tools, improving the relationship with the bank and the management of client portfolios.



Agile and convenient

To keep up with the trends of digital transformation, organisations must provide diversified forms of payment in order to enhance the relationship with customers, especially in large regions, and business growth.

Provide maximum security and convenience, addressing all current and future needs of clients of a particular public or private service, and making the experience of this crucial point of contact with organisations more relevant. 

INM Payment Solutions offers several technologies that can be integrated with the core system of organisations in multiple sectors, is highly customisable and flexible, and designed to fit the characteristics and challenges of different implementation contexts.