Banking Agent

Banking Agent allows entities to expand their network of products and services without the logistical investment and burden that normally requires specific infrastructure. Easily adapted and integrated into the technological and digital solutions of partners.

More services and greater geographic coverage

Digital product that allows organisations to ensure banking services reach an increasing number of people, expanding their offering through a set of applications integrated into devices (web, mobile, kiosks, payment terminals and others) available to partners.

This is a relevant channel, essentially for entities operating in markets with a large geographic distribution, allowing them to be present in remote locations without agents or branches, and to provide the most common financial services.


  • More Coverage: Expand the banking network and bring financial services to more customers
  • Less Costs: Reduced cost in the logistics of attracting new clients
  • Multiplatform: Cross integration on the web, mobile, APTs and others


  • Integration with the different systems used by the correspondent (Web, Mobile, APT, etc...)
  • Banking operations: deposits, transfers, payments and others
  • Advanced security systems for on-balance sheet transactions
  • Specific identification and authentication processes for multiplatform

Kiosk Hardware

Kiosk Software

DBI Digital Banking Integration

Internet Banking


Mobile Banking

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