Digital Bank Integration

Digital Bank Integration (DBI) is an INM solution that enables all channels to be integrated with the banking system, in a fast, dynamic and secure way, providing a control and management platform for all internal and customer activities. 

Integration and management in all banking systems

Integrating new channels with the banking system of financial organisations is no longer a problem thanks to DBI, which allows agile, fast and secure integration, independently of and preserving absolutely all information on the financial core. 

With this solution, the channels are managed as modules that can be activated or deactivated at any time, through the back office platform that allows all activities and access levels of employees and clients alike to be managed and monitored.   

It also includes Machine Learning technology that allows us to create data models adjusted to the needs of the institution and its different departments, providing relevant insights into the behavioural and financial nature of users.


Interconnectivity: True omnichannel experience

  • Modular channel solution
  • Agile integration with the Bank's core without complex IT requirements

Overview and Control: Integrated management backoffice

  • Activity configuration, control, monitoring and management
  • Different levels of access

Time-to-market: Adapted or created solution

  • Tailor-made or modular solution
  • Rapid implementation and minimisation of economic impact

Client Proximity: Client-centric relationship

  • Targeted campaigns and ongoing communication
  • Focus on user experience

Secure and Supported: Continuous follow-up

  • Threat control and detection
  • Real-time maintenance 

Machine Learning: Valuable information in real time

  • Analytical models tailored to the client
  • Insights into the financial behaviour of users

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