Kiosk Software

Kiosk Software enables integration with the core system of organisations and with the financial switch of the interbank network, development or adaptation in line with the different needs of the service and brand, and uniform integration with existing digital channels.

Configuration, rapid implementation and management

Desenvolvimento ou adaptação do Kiosk Software para uma rápida

Development or adaptation of Kiosk Software for rapid implementation with a high level of usability, configured to the needs of the business and adjusted to the image of organisations. 

It has a dashboard for centralised management and enables real-time monitoring of all activities performed in kiosks through alarm systems.

This tool offers an easy and dynamic way to manage marketing and communication campaigns for new products and services on all equipment available to the organisation.


  • Uniform Integration: allows the service to be unified with the different existing channels
  • Rapid Implementation: highly usable and configurable interface
  • Centralised Management: Backoffice with a control and technical assistance dashboard


  • Direct integration with the bank's central system, bank cards and service providers
  • An innovative interface that is highly usable and configurable according to the needs and image of the organisation
  • Uniform integration of services with those of other digital channels
  • Adaptation and integration with various services
  • Multiple levels of authentication
  • Management platform (backoffice) and alarm system for the status of all equipment connected to the network.

Kiosk Hardware

DBI Digital Banking Integration

Internet Banking


Mobile Banking

Banking Agent

Counter Portal