Kiosk Hardware

Kiosk Hardware oferece a possibilidade de levar até aos clientes das entidades financeiras ou de outros setores, todos os serviços semelhantes a um equipamento ATM (pagamentos, consulta de saldo e movimentos, transferências, depósitos em numerário, recargas, etc), reduzindo custos operativos e ampliando a rede logística. 

Transactions anywhere

Our ACL and BNK product line has similar features to an ATM but can be adjusted to the needs of organisations and the type of services. All components are of high quality and certified according to locally required standards. 

Easy to implement, extending the reach of organisations at reduced costs, and increasing financial inclusion by making digital services available to bank and non-bank users.

Provides a hight degree of adaptability to the different needs and characteristics of the implementation context, whether geographical, spatial or structural. 

We also have maintenance teams for all installed equipment, as well as software with a dashboard with network management and an alarm system.


  • Expansion: Bring the service to more clients and different regions of the country
  • Reduced Costs: Financial service expansion with reduced logistics costs
  • Adaptable: Configurable channel according to the needs of clients

Specific features


  • Cash voucher


  • Immediate payments anywhere at a low cost


  • Deposits and cash
  • Accepts notes, coins and provides change
  • Banknotes and coin recycling
  • A4 receipt in b&w or colour

Common features

  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Access by biometric identification
  • Transactions by bank card
  • Banking operations: checking balances, transfers, payments and top-ups
  • Printed receipts (slips and A4)
  • Security components for monitoring: security camera / safe and door opening sensors / motion sensors, etc.
  • Supports fixed communications, Wifi and 3G
  • Autonomy in the event of a power cut

Kiosk Software

DBI Digital Banking Integration

Internet Banking


Mobile Banking

Banking Agent

Counter Portal