Counter Portal

Counter Portal allows financial entities to provide employees with a tool for managing in branch activities and providing a high level of service, through a detailed and relevant 360º view of the client.

Integrated vision of customers

Currently, the branch counter shares client interaction with new digital financial channels, although in many cases it remains the channel of choice for the most complex operations. It is therefore critical to make the most of the customer's presence and ensure meaningful and profitable experiences.

This digital counter and teller interface product allows organisations to rely on high-performance technological solutions, which provide employees with a tool for backoffice and in branch activity management, as well as timely information to streamline interactions through a detailed and relevant 360º view of the client. 


  • Multi-service: Allows up to 5 customers to be served simultaneously
  • 360° vision: Global overview of customers for personalised service
  • Configurable: Allows multiple levels of employees to be configured


  • Multi-service and 360º vision up to 5 customers
  • Branch Management Operations: transactions and local treasury
  • Cash Operations: cash control, cash movements, deposits and withdrawals, cash flow optimisation, etc.
  • Customer inquiries: search through all customer activity
  • Main banking operations: payments, transfers, remittances, fixed-term investments, cards, and the ability to manage cheques, savings plans, investment fund portfolios, insurance and others;
  • High security levels and control
  • No installation of local software

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