Mobile Counter

Mobile Counter is a product that allows organisations to offer targeted and personalised banking services to a premium segment through an account manager, without the need for customers to visit a branch.

Premium and personalised on-site offering

A differentiated offering can be decisive for financial entities to stand out from the competition, especially for customers who usually seek an exclusive and personalised relationship.

This product makes it possible to bring financial services to customers, and to capture and strengthen a solid relationship, through an account manager, thus projecting the brand as a reference within a very relevant segment. 

It is a tool that provides the agent with the same operations as in a branch, together with an integrated view of the customer and the type of offers and services that should be proposed to them.


  • Targeted Offering: Target the offering to the premium profile of banking entities
  • Follow-up: Enables personalised follow-up of premium clients
  • In person: An improved experience that brings financial services to clients


  • Guarantees almost all of the same operations as the Portal Counter
  • Advanced security systems for on-balance sheet transactions
  • Identification and authentication processes
  • Allows the Account Manager to visit companies, in order to immediately carry out different operations and provide financial advice
  • Allows proposals to be personalised according to the type and history of the client

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