Pagamentos Móveis

Mobile Payments is a digital payments product that allows you to make purchases and sales, in person or online, whether through a smartphone, tablet or PC.

Online and in-store buying and selling

This is a highly versatile, reliable, and secure product that can be configured according to the needs of the service and the context of implementation.

Allows all online and in-store purchases to be paid with nothing but a mobile phone number, without the need for a credit card.

Subscribing to the service is easy and immediate, promoting banking and the circulation of money within the same bank.


  • Secure: Minimizes the risk of theft to individuals or stores through the dematerialization of money
  • Fast and Practical: End of waiting lines and immediate availability of money
  • Effective: Instant notifications, real-time management and increased sales.



  • Management of means of acceptance (POS, TPS, P2P, etc.) / Budget control and personal management tools / Different levels of security / Control of balance limits / Control of associated devices / Chronological transaction lines


  • Checking performed operations / Client consultation and management / System monitoring console / User consultation and management / Sending an SMS campaign to clients

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