Direct Debit Subsystem

DDS is a service payment alternative based on direct debit on account, secure and convenient, minimising travel time and additional costs for late payment. Added value for retaining, renewing and subscribing customers to services. 

Convenient, secure and direct resource for bill payment

Allows entities to offer their clients a safe and convenient solution for paying invoices. It is no longer necessary to visit a service counter or a bank counter and waste time in queues, or feel uneasy about payment dates to avoid fines or interest for late payment.

An alternative that positively impacts financial predictability in organisations, the length of subscriptions and increases customer retention levels.

This service can also boost the communication campaigns of organisations through dynamics such as discounts for joining and money saving, among others, or attracting new customers in partnership with the support bank.


  • Simplicity: Simplified service payment and renewal
  • Efficiency: Increased customer retention
  • Predictability: Increased revenue predictability


  • Payment of services by direct debit on account or monthly renewal in a simple and direct way
  • Allows requests to be submitted to multiple financial institutions
  • With express authorisation of customers at all stages, from subscribing to renewing the service
  • Set a cap for a given direct debit
  • Deadline for automatic authorisation
  • Debit cancellation at any time
  • Ensures pre-notification and constant information regarding the amount and date of the debit

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