Voucher Server

Voucher Server is a product that offers operators and service providers a multichannel solution and expansion of the network without the infrastructure costs, ensuring the payment, top-up and activation of various types of services. 

Anytime, anywhere, any value or service

This multichannel solution for payment and activation of services provides organisations with a significant reduction of logistics costs through dematerialization and electronic process management.

The dynamic emission of vouchers is protected by various security methods and requirements, considerably reducing the risk of fraud.

These methods can be implemented quickly and are easy to use, with very high levels of reliability, performance and scalability, representing an opportunity for large-countries with a limited number of operators in all regions.


  • Network Expansion: Operators and merchants become service partners
  • Economic Impact: Reduced cost in scratch card production and distribution logistics
  • Multichannel: Compatibility with various terminals and devices used by service partners

Product specifications

  • With scratch card production
  • Without scratch card production, avoiding investment in logistics and distribution
  • Tracks all sales of electronic PIN top-ups to the last point of distribution
  • Reduces fraud involving fake, lost, damaged or stolen coupons

Features for Merchants

  • Independent purchase of shares and capital management
  • Online or offline operations and efficient capital management
  • Inventory can be managed electronically, without the risk of theft or stock damage

Kiosk Payments

Mobile Payments

SPS Service Payment System

DDS Direct Debit Subsystem