Service Payment System

SPS allows financial or public and private service organisations to provide a payment alternative to their clients, which may or may not be integrated with interbank companies, expanding the network and reducing the costs of the payment process. 


Banking integration of service payments

With the multiplication of channels, banks now have all the conditions to centralise payment flows for domestic services, generating more business opportunities and greater convenience for clients.

They can do so while providing easy integration with the central systems of other operators and service providers.

This broad flexibility makes the bank the trustworthy depositary of its clients' income, ensuring the management of service payment flows based on the collection of commissions.


  • Agile adaptation: Solution adaptable to service companies
  • Convenience: Various forms of payment (cash, card, top-ups, etc.)
  • Integration: Efficient integration with systems


  • Customised flows adapted to the sector (each service or channel has its own flow)
  • Expansion of the payment network
  • Reduced payment costs
  • Increased revenue and greater client satisfaction
  • Solution for public institutions or entities with a specific profile
  • Top-up codes for interaction with the service
  • For any organisation, whether integrated with interbank service companies or not

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