Kiosk Payments

Kiosk Payments provides hardware solutions for all services, enabling the implementation of payment systems with the interbank network, expansion of the logistics network, and card or cash transactions. 

A convenient and versatile solution

We provide physical kiosks for payments, top-ups or sending remittances, by card or cash (notes and coins), so that organisations can provide their customers with fast, simple and convenient operations.

This channel is an important point of interaction with the customer, easy to integrate with the internal system of organisations or the interbank network, has a low maintenance cost and can be quickly installed at any location or establishment.

These products are highly versatile, reliable, secure and customisable according to the needs of the service and the context of implementation. 


  • Secure: Advanced authentication system for secure operations
  • Versatile: Adaptable for card or cash payments
  • Customisable: Solution adaptable to any organisation, sector or service


  • Payment by bank card or cash (coins and notes)
  • Multiple authentication options
  • Top-ups or remittances
  • Easy and immediate system integration
  • Installation at any location or type of establishment
  • The interface can be customised to the brand and the needs of any service

SPS - Service Payment System

Voucher Server

Mobile Payments

DDS Direct Debit Subsystem