Personal Financial
Management - PFM

PMS allows financial entities to provide financial control, forecasting and well-being to the private segment. Driven by Artificial Intelligence, this solution enables intelligent money management, aggregate accounts, categorised transactions, spending plans and future projections.


Tool for obtaining information about how money is spent and help improve consumption habits, through big data and AI technologies. It also makes it possible to have all accounts in one place, categorise transactions, plan expenses and make future projections.

Financial Goals / Planning and Budgeting / Account Tools / Aggregate Transaction / Spending Analysis


Easy daily money management with Cash Flow forecasting tools and a financial summary. Provide visual information about every penny that comes out of your personal account, allowing comparison between friends and promoting smarter spending.

Financial Summary / Cash Flow Forecast / Peer Comparison


Personalised alerts that provide a means to counter financial surprises, offers and recommendations. Foresee and avoid potential problems and improve money management habits.

Personalised finances / Financial Advice / Product Recommendation / Third-Party Alerts and Recommendations

Business Financial Management - BFM