Business Financial
Management - BFM

BMS allows financial entities to provide a tool to SMEs that allows them to gain insights, understand their obstacles in depth and overcome them. Technology for planning and managing daily activities with confidence, as well as understanding your clients.

Giving control to SMEs

Support in the management of finances, income and expenses and help companies obtain information through data and improve the management of their day-to-day economic activities.

Income and Expenses / Planning and Budgeting / Budget Provisioning / Periodic Payments

Business planning

Allow SMEs to manage their daily activities with confidence. The platform synchronises all accounting and billing, creates tax provisions, prepares for cash flow fluctuations and helps steer business, worry-free.

Cash Flow Analysis / Transactions / Financial Calendar / Business Analysis

Insights for growth

Insights that allow entrepreneurs to understand the relationship with clients, define better marketing campaigns and identify growth opportunities.

Billing / Client insights

PMS - Personal Financial Management